Two Liberty Center goes for the Gold—and wins

Two Liberty Center, an Arlington, Virginia, mixed-use development with office space, residences, and retail, has been committed to sustainability since […]

The demand for transparency in building materials heats up

For decades, sustainability has aimed to balance people, planet, and profits to develop positive, responsible real estate – even as […]

Are you ready for LEED v4 certification?

The LEED v4 certification effective date is Oct. 31, 2016, and the transition to LEED v4 is in full swing. What should […]

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Six trends defining the workplace of the future

Change is in the air for workplace trends and it’s coming faster than you think. Are you ready? Bisnow recently […]

Wellness is the missing link to a massive 93% of sustainable real estate value

The green building movement has spent over twenty years focusing on 7% of a portfolio investment – building performance. But […]

What I learned while preparing for my GRI G4 exam

If your organization is beginning to consider releasing corporate sustainability reports, the GRI G4 are the guidelines that you need […]

Hospitality Industry Finds Room for Sustainable Growth

The hospitality industry is booming, setting records every month in various performance indicators, as I discovered while attending the recent […]

Why Washington DC’s Green Codes matter for sustainability everywhere

Washington DC’s new Green Construction Codes have been held up as a leading example of why DC is considered one […]