Green Building Product Manufacturer Market Opportunity Analysis

A leading manufacturer of green building products was exploring several sustainable market opportunities, yet had experienced only marginal sales success targeting owners and developers of green buildings. The company was focused on ways to integrate sustainability into its business; both as a business management tool, and from a product and market development standpoint. It had not yet identified the distinctive product features that would appeal to green building designers, and were struggling to show how its products contributed to building performance or LEED achievement.


Paladino Approach

The company sought Paladino’s assistance in identifying and pursuing business opportunities presented by an accelerating demand for sustainable business practices and green building products. Paladino recommended a market engagement strategy that would validate the business opportunity in the green building market. From there, targeted strategies for specific building types, potential acquisitions and products would be developed and implemented through tailored outreach programs.

Specifically, Paladino:

  • Performed a market sizing study to identify expected demand for green building products over a three to five year horizon, so that investments in product development and acquisitions could be validated and funded via their standard business case model
  • Identified potential acquisition targets that could be pursed to enhance product portfolios and green brand positioning
  • Performed energy studies to understand the energy efficiency contribution of the product portfolio
  • Developed the value proposition for the design and construction market for specific building types showing measurable energy efficiency opportunities
  • Analyzed and developed the LEED value proposition the products specific to recycled content and relevant LEED credits
  • Provided coaching and training to the sales team to improve sales success
  • Developed a market engagement strategy to support the company to achieve market visibility for green building products at Greenbuild, the industry’s major conference
  • Assessed the viability of pursuing a LEED-EB rating for of its two corporate buildings, and developed the LEED certification strategy for one property


The year-long engagement served as a springboard for future successful positioning of the company as credible and committed to sustainability and green building. Programs based on Paladino’s work include, among others:

  • Integration of triple bottom line sustainability principles of people, planet and prosperity into the corporate sustainability platform
  • Credible positioning of the company as committed to sustainability
  • A product innovation program centered on sustainability as a key performance criteria
  • Successful development of a portfolio of product solutions that contribute to green building performance and LEED


Successful market engagement and positioning as a sustainable company