Two Liberty Center goes for the Gold—and wins

Two Liberty Center, an Arlington, Virginia, mixed-use development with office space, residences, and retail, has been committed to sustainability since […]

Federal environmental oversight is good for business

(source) The current administration wants to shrink the role of the federal government, turning oversight and control over to the […]

Funding Sustainability – Green Bonds on the Rise

Funding. It’s one of the most common struggles when trying to move a sustainability project forward. Fortunately, a new form […]

Lessons Learned from Paladino’s LEED v4 Gold Rating

Just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paladino and Company, our headquarters office in Seattle has become the […]

Energy Efficient Buildings Increase Financial Performance

The verdict is in. Green buildings do improve financial performance of properties, reports the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in its […]

Managing Big Data For GRESB Reporting

Last month we talked about the exciting changes to this year’s GRESB survey. Between April and July, companies around the […]

Energy Modeling Can Save Time and Money for a Building Project

  Before the first shovel of dirt is removed from a prospective building site, the owner wants to know something […]

Seattle Sets Lofty Goals for Sustainability

The Pacific Northwest and the city of Seattle have been been at the forefront of the sustainability movement since its […]

New ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is Faster and More Intuitive to Use

The ENERGY STAR program, established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 20 years ago, is a voluntary program that promotes […]

The Clock is Ticking on Recertification of LEED-EBOM Properties

  Hundreds of buildings are fast approaching the five-year milestone that will require their EB ratings to be recertified as […]