We focus on what our clients want to achieve rather than what must be avoided. 

Paladino applies Abundance Thinking to help drive teams towards the highest possible project outcomes and achieve full project potential. When budget, schedule, and risk constraints compete with sustainability aspirations, project teams scramble to secure a share of limited resources – compromising goals along the way. We can do better than that.

Abundant resources exist on every building and construction project – they simply need to be harnessed. Abundance Thinking applies innovation, experience, and smarts to unearth the hidden potential of every enterprise real estate project.

We use a sustainability framework to create enduring business value. 

How we do it is unique to each client. We start with your values, then use sustainability and wellness as a tool to serve your business. Each client’s values are critical to Paladino’s process.

By examining your core business values first, we establish how sustainability will create value for you – the real estate owner. We will help you select and implement the third-party rating system (LEED, WELL, LBC, GRESB) that makes sense according to your company’s values.


Measure What Matters

We will put sustainability to work for you:

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