Our Approach

We use sustainability to create enduring business value for architects, developers, corporations, and the public sector.

Our Sustainability Framework

We confirm client values and objectives, and then bring the full value of our sustainability consulting capabilities to achieve them.

Our principal clients – architects, developers, corporations, and the public sector – each view sustainable real estate projects from radically different points of view. We adapt our sustainability consulting strategy to each client’s perspectives to achieve results that matter to them.

As green building consultants, we translate organizational values like top line revenue, operational efficiency, workforce wellness, and social impact into a single vision that is understood by the project team of designers, engineers, builders, and owners. We align every sustainable and green building service to those organization values, whether we are improving corporate best practice through CSR reporting (GRESB, GRI, CDP), driving design integration on a new construction project, or pursuing third-party certification.

We select and implement third-party rating systems aligned with those values. Rating systems like LEED, WELL, and LBC are a respected back-check ensuring that results have been achieved.

Our Services

We Use Abundance Thinking

We focus on want clients want to achieve rather than what must be avoided.

Abundant resources exist within every organization, at every property, and on every construction project – they simply need to be harnessed. Abundance Thinking applies innovation, experience, and collaboration to unearth hidden potential.

An Approach Tailored to You

For Architects

Green design, AIA 2030 reporting, and third-party certification

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For Developers

Use sustainability to impact your top line

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For Corporate

Sustainability is part of your company story

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For Public Sector

Your buildings represent your mission

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