Being named a member of the 2015 class of LEED Fellows is truly an honor. Yet behind the honor stands a number of people who have mentored me throughout my career and offered opportunities to hone and demonstrate my craft. Had they not been there, I would not be a LEED Fellow today.

To all those who pushed, challenged, lent an ear, modeled, and collaborated, I send a heartfelt thank you. There are a few that deserve an extra thank you, so please oblige me for using this blog to do so:

markMark Frankel, Technical Director, NBI

My favorite Markisim is “there is no evil plot.” I can remember him saying this to me on my first day of work at Paladino as I tried to decipher a cryptic LEED application that filled three binders. Mark taught me to question everything, but not to assume that people were intentionally blocking change – change comes from one-on-one interactions and start with a point of view and an open mind.  Mark is a master at seeing the problem for what it is and being unafraid to solve it.


alissaAlissa Rupp, President, Principal, The Portico Group

If ever I have seen someone masterfully handle a diverse and divided stakeholder group, Alissa was that person on the USS Arizona Memorial at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Alissa deftly kept the client group (comprised of a non-profit, the US Navy, and the National Park Service) from disintegrating, and kept the design team focused on solutions. Her skill at leading is second to none.




Donna McIntire, Chief, Energy & Sustainable Design, US Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations

Donna sits on top of perhaps the most complex, diverse, and disparate portfolio on earth, principally US embassies and consulates. Donna is fearless in attacking the problem, unafraid of the enormity of the challenge, and can see the forest through the trees. She is tireless in her pursuit of making an impact with every second of every day.



maxMax Zahniser, Founder and CEO: Praxis, Building Solutions, LLC:

Max and I have spent a lot of time working on the same challenge: how do we keep the best of LEED while dropping the parts that slow us down. Max worked tirelessly to get LEED applications out of 3-ring binders and onto the web. His ability to see the solution and then refuse to let it go until the task is complete is extremely admirable.



pncGary Saulson, Mike Gilmore, Larry, Jim, Glenn, Nancy, Nanna, & Benson, and the entirety of the PNC Realty Services Group

This group is more than a sum of LEED plaques; they are an integrated and inseparable team guided by a shared vision of excellence. They dream big and are not afraid to validate their results. They are a model for making sound decisions and flawlessly executing complex and innovative projects.


tomTom Paladino, CEO and Founder, Paladino and Company

My job interview included a test to see if I could explain a psychrometric chart followed by a sailing test on Elliott Bay in Seattle. Little did I know that day would be a metaphor for the years I have spent working side by side with Tom. The work that we do matters; the way in which we accomplish our work matters more. Tom knows that by inspiring those around us, we can have a greater impact than by simply addressing a problem with a building. Tom’s vision and ability to inspire stands proud of everyone else I have known.


bradLindsay Pease

My life found meaning when I met Lindsay in a train station in Milan. Since then she has helped me weather the storms, been there when I needed her, been there to congratulate the accomplishments and pick up the pieces when life smacks you upside the head. She is the source of my drive, commitment, and compassion. The best parts of me are a reflection of Lindsay.

Thank you.

In closing, I wish to congratulate all those that stand behind the entire class of LEED 2015 Fellows; thank you for helping us do what we do.

Brad Pease is vice president at Paladino and Company.

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