We are always impressed when a building artfully integrates function with sustainability and community. That’s why we are particularly captivated by Sundboyster Hall II by Dorte Mandrup Arkiteker, recently awarded the World Architecture News Mixed-Use Award 2015.

In competition with a shortlist of four projects, it won in unanimous agreement by an expert panel of judges. Why was it such a clear stand out?

When comparing to the other entries, this particular project surpassed the typical definition of mixed-use through clever design and integration. We think it swept the competition for the following key reasons:

  • The urban mixed-use project accomplished connection between the building and the surrounding community
  • The building’s three distinct uses (grocery store, sports hall, and apartments) were clearly differentiated through unique design, specifically though materials use


Located in the district of Ambager, Copenhagen Denmark, the building was designed to solve for the city’s dense environment. It incorporates a ground floor grocery store and parking garage, a second floor public sports hall, and top floor apartments with private rooftop terraces. The sports hall is surrounded by a double height glass façade visible to street pedestrians, allowing for community connectivity.


As you can see in the photo above, the architecture firm chose to use three distinguishing materials to differentiate the specific spaces, which lends to a distinctive but cohesive design. The result is a building that is both aesthetically pleasing and will serve its residents and community.

Congratulations to the Dorte Mandrup Arkiteker team! To learn more about the project and the award, visit World Architecture News.

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