The achievement of BizCycle Gold certification was a powerful motivator for Paladino’s Seattle office during Bike to Work Month. Almost half the employees rode their bikes to work at least five times in May (a six percent increase from 2012!) Individual awards were presented to nine cyclists for their accomplishments, including most miles total or most trips by a new commuter.

Regular communication with staff and positive internal promotion, particularly around the BizCycle certification, ensured our success. An open forum kickoff breakfast at the beginning of the month generated excitement. Paladino’s most seasoned cyclists were there to encourage first-time riders to give bike commuting a try and answer pressing questions, such as “how do I access the bike racks?” and “how do I make that tricky left on Second Ave?”

Our new commuters reported positive experiences as they quickly learned the basics of bike commuting, including how to map preferred routes, what to wear, and where to lock their bikes. Overall, our company bike mode split went up from 31.9% in March to 38.1% in May, exceeding our BizCycle goal percentage.

Biking to Work Makes Sense for People, Planet and Prosperity

Biking makes a lot of sense. It’s healthy – reducing stress while also lowering carbon emissions. Here are our statistics:

  • Collectively, the Paladino Seattle bike team rode 2,500 miles and burned 125,000 calories. That’s enough to work off the calories from 300 donuts!
  • Compared to commuting by single-occupant vehicles (note that driving is not a preferred commuting method at Paladino), our team of cyclists saved 2,500 lbs of CO2, equivalent to carbon sequestration by 600 trees.
  • Our cyclists avoided multiple instances of horrible commuter traffic. This included May Day demonstrations that shut down the downtown core and trapped cars and buses, and an overturned truck that blocked all the freeway lanes during the morning commute in late May, causing three hours of delay for drivers. Bike commuters can zip past all the traffic jams, saving time… and gas money!

We can’t wait until next year’s Bike to Work Month so we can improve on our statistics and convert more employees to biking evangelists.

Lexy Relph is a Sustainable Business Consultant, PE, LEED AP in Paladino’s Seattle Office

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