Paladino puts a strong emphasis on professional development, because every day our clients expect the
A-Team to work with them to solve their sustainability challenges.

Each practice leader has attended a Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD) program over the last year. GILD has developed what it calls a High Impact Leadership Model™ that is the basis for its curriculum intended to develop leadership characteristics. The five-day immersion program has trained thousands of leaders from around the globe.

I was lucky enough to attend the program this past fall, and these are the top five things I learned:

  • Every leader who stepped up to the podium, from Avis CEO Ronald Nelson, to Gregg Saretsky, CEO of WestJet, consistently shared one insight more than any other – you are not a leader unless you have followers; therefore, success is defined by what you are able to empower your team to achieve.
  • Bill Strickland, CEO of Manchester Bidwell, confirmed that leaders need to identify what they care about most and pursue it with a burning passion. With a vision, a smile and a large network we can achieve great things. Paladino is lucky enough to have great clients in Pittsburgh so I’ll definitely be visiting his Bidwell Training Center next time I’m in Steel City.
  • I learned simple and impactful leadership tactics, such as how to ask better questions (listen to former U.S. Navy Commander Mike Abrashoff) and how to be vulnerable as an act of strength rather than weakness (via leadership maven Patrick Lencioni).
  • Having fun is essential. My learning team at GILD proudly called ourselves “The Honey Badger” and, along with our facilitator Darlene Slaughter, quickly created a safe environment to talk about and test what we were learning. My 360 review also said I need to smile more in the office. Noted. 🙂
  • Leadership is a skill, not a birthright, so with practice and reflection we all have the capability to create the environment our teams need to be awesome.

Paladino Builds Leaders

Julie Honeywell, our VP of talent management at Paladino, has written extensively about what makes a great sustainability leader in a series of posts in this Abundance Blog. Our founder Tom Paladino also weighed in with his point of view in a post entitled Why We Need Exceptional Sustainability Leaders to Change the World.

If you want to understand why you lead, and how to be better at it every day, I encourage you to participate in GILD.

Then, if you are ready to excel as a sustainability leader, check out Paladino’s Abundance Leadership Network that will get underway in the new year. The Network will offer professionals comprehensive sustainability leadership development and training that aligns specific leadership competencies to specific sustainability results.

Let me know if you’d like more insights into my experiences at the GILD conference or Paladino’s new Abundance Leadership Network. You can reach me at or leave a message in the comment box below.

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