divyaWhat does it really mean when we call a building “green”? Paladino’s Senior Project Manager Divya Natarajan sat down with podcast hosts Jay Siegel and Scott Breen of SustainabilityDefined to break down the definition of a sustainable, high performance building.

As SustainabilityDefined notes on its website, “sustainability is a frustratingly ambiguous term.” The podcast was established to help define the word as it relates to various topics, whether it be sustainable transportation, food, or supply chain.

Enlisted for her recognition as a Greenbiz 30 under 30 emerging sustainability leader and for her green building expertise, Divya walked listeners though various definitions of sustainability as it relates to the built environment, including:

  • Value added sustainability for real estate design
  • Existing buildings and retrofits
  • Healthy Buildings

“Sustainable building design is, what I like to call, common sense building design,” says Divya. “You’re not just thinking about design for design sake, but what you are putting out there in terms of resources use, and the atmosphere you are creating for your users. More importantly, sustainable building design is not something that you add on, it’s a way of thinking. It shouldn’t be an added cost, it should be something that you do as part of your process.”

Listen to the latest episode, Sustainable Building Design.



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