Through our work in sustainability, resilience, and wellness consulting, we see the various players and values that go into every design decision. It’s clear that wellness is top of mind for nearly everyone: commercial real estate owners, designers, developers, and operators. But, it’s also clear that the industry struggles to quantify the expected outcomes of wellness features and strategies.

This is why we’ve released a must-read e-book called Wellness in the Built Environment.

It addresses the market and global forces to consider when designing for wellness, all in the context of business value.

Whether wellness is being used as a strategy to attract talent, optimize talent performance, or contribute to company culture and through-line, it’s a necessary part of any commercial real estate project.

The e-book also breaks down the Upshot™ solution that Paladino has developed to guide the integrated project team through the decision-making and value engineering processes so that the full impact of each decision can be understood in its full context. The e-book includes an example of we how we used this proprietary data mining solution to drive human performance design solutions.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how Paladino works with clients to use third-party research to anticipate wellness impacts and select the right wellness features for their real estate project.

Download Wellness in the Built Environment here:


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