At a time when many headlines feel a little “doom and gloom”, we’ve rounded up some inspiring articles to highlight efforts from around the world to tackle climate change, support wildlife populations, wellness strategies, and more. Enjoy!

1.  Inside Europe’s Largest Vertical Farm – Freethink

Source: Alastair Philip Wiper / YesHealth Group

Soundbite: “Food tech startup Nordic Harvest is building a massive vertical farm that shows how moving agriculture indoors can allow us to produce better crops on less land.”

2.  Your Office Air is Making You Stupider – Fast Company

Source: Mint Images/Getty Images

Soundbite: “It’s a sickening irony: Our indoor air is often even more polluted than the air outdoors. That’s because our buildings are often filled with the same smog that’s outside, but indoor air also stews with the CO2 we exhale. This is especially true inside our offices, which are loaded with coworkers.”

3.  9 in 10 Cars Now Being Sold in Norway Are Electric or Hybrid – NPR

Source: Sigrid Harms/picture alliance via Getty Images

Soundbite: “Norway just hit a record in its move to phase out cars that rely on fossil fuels. More than 9 in 10 new cars sold there in September were either electric or rechargeable hybrids, according to the Norwegian Information Council for Road Traffic, or OFV. Of all new passenger cars sold so far in 2021, less than 5% are gas-powered. A slightly smaller percentage use diesel.”

4.  U.K. Publishes Roadmap to Tackle Greenwashing – Forbes

Source: Bloomberg Finance LP

Soundbite: “Chancellor Rishi Sunak has finally released a new roadmap for the U.K.’s Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR), which will require that businesses disclose their environmental impact. Not only will this help build transparency in net zero alignment for corporates and investors, but it moves the U.K. financial system one step closer to evaluation of performance rather than a simply focus on targets.”

5.  How a Focus on Nature is Changing Therapy for Kids – The Washington Post

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Soundbite: “Ecotherapy — also called nature therapy or green therapy…[encourages] structured, purposeful interactions with nature to improve mental health. ‘You’re bringing an aspect of mindfulness and intentionality to being outdoors,’ says Amy Lajiness, an ecotherapist and psychotherapist in San Diego who counsels adolescents, adults and families.”

6.  Researchers Are Asking for Volunteer ‘Walrus Detectives’ to Spot Walruses From Space – NPR

Source: John Thys/AFP via Getty Images

Sound bite: “If you’re concerned about the effect of climate change on the Arctic’s wildlife now you have a way to get involved from your own home by signing up to be what the World Wildlife Fund has described as a “walrus detective.”

Do any of these articles spark your interest? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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