In 2017, 850 property companies and funds, jointly representing more than $3.7T in assets under management, participated in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment. And more than 70 institutional and retail investors use GRESB data and analytical tools to engage with investment managers.

The 2018 GRESB Assessments are now open for participation, and we’ve identified the top five changes that will affect submissions for REITs and real estate companies this year.

The changes are intended to improve the user interface, consolidate questions for improved reporting, and make the reporting process more efficient. The new process is more explicit and clearly breaks down the number of points available as you manage your submission, leading to increased transparency on scoring and assessment methodology.

Top five changes to GRESB

1. Validation Plus scope

Updated selection methodology for Validation Plus scope. 100% of participants will be selected for detail check instead of only 25% in 2017.

2.  Expanded scope on building certifications

The assessment asks for more detail on earned certifications to provide more project background information. Participants now need to report LEED Certified/Silver/Gold/Platinum and provide certification details. Score is not affected this year, but may be affected in the future.

3. Scope 3 emissions mandatory

Scope 3 emissions are now mandatory along with Scope 1 & 2, which will provide a better integration of future trends such as carbon taxonomy.

4. Resilience Module

New Resilience Module for the 2018 Assessment cycle.

To learn more about resilient design download our new resilience design for new and existing buildings white paper!

5. Reward off-site generation of renewable energy

While on-site renewable energy is preferred by GRESB, the new scoring structure recognizes that this is not an option for all assets. The 2018 GRESB Assessment awards points for renewable energy certificates.

Lastly, don’t forget about the changes to ENERGY STAR that could affect your GRESB score next year! Because many entities that report to GRESB also monitor and certify their buildings through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, it’s not too early to prepare for the upcoming ENERGY STAR scoring changes.

Additional resources

If you need help with either GRESB or ENERGY STAR assessments, contact us!

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