Every day is Earth Day at Paladino. Every building we improve and every green program we build underlies our mission of people, planet, and prosperity in harmony. So do we need one day, Earth Day, to reinvigorate our commitment? Turns out, we do. We are grateful for its reminder to others around us to contemplate the Earth and environment, and bring unity to the voice for the betterment of our planet.

Those feelings run deep here – so we surveyed the team and asked “What does Earth Day mean to you?”

Tom Paladino

Earth Day is wonderful moment to stop being busy and pay attention to the wonder of it all.

Alicia Cushman

In my world, Earth Day is every day. So to me, Earth Day is the public acknowledgement of the importance of protecting the single asset we have that sustains us all – every breath we take, every bite we eat, everything we touch. It’s a day to be thankful for all of the days this Earth has provided for us!

Brad Pease

My family takes an annual Earth Day hike to  celebrate the work we have accomplished over the last year and discuss the work that we want to accomplish for next year. We are committed to ensuring my children’s children inherit a planet better than the one we inherited from our grandparents.

Deb Hanamura

Earth Day gives me an opportunity to affirm my commitment to sustainable practices. It also allows me to celebrate the amazing work of so many people who share our vision of a bright and healthy future where everything is in balance, and the Earth’s gifts are respected.


Dina Belon

Earth Day is a day to celebrate the abundance of gifts the earth provides us as discretionary residents of her space. It’s a reminder to us all that respect for the environment, which we were taught as children, is even more important today. You take care of your home, and this planet is nothing more than the home that we share with everyone and everything. This year I hope we all take a collective breath and find the space to remember Iron Eyes Cody’s message:  to keep the planet beautiful you need to take care of it.  In 1971, a Keep America Beautiful launched on Earth Day with the theme, “People Start Pollution. People can stop it.” In what became known as the “Crying Indian ad,” the television ad, narrated by actor William Conrad, featured actor Iron Eyes Cody, who portrayed a Native American man devastated to see the destruction of the earth’s natural beauty caused by the thoughtless pollution and litter of a modern society.”


Jesse Mikolasy

Earth Day is a humbling reminder of where we as a species have fallen short, and simultaneously it is a beacon of light and a road map to a future of unimagined and wonderful possibilities. I see opportunity to create a world better than the one in which we live. To me Earth Day is a challenge to be better today than I was yesterday, and better tomorrow than I was today. It is a challenge to care about this world and the inhabitants of it just as much as I care about who or what it I think created it. It is a challenge to never close my mind to being fully inspired, in awe, and in complete wonder about the beauty and majesty of our planet. Earth Day is a reminder that we need to do more for this planet, because whether we realize it or not, it does so much for us.


Kelley Manuel

For me Earth Day is an invitation to connect with my place in the world. Thinking about our planet and our connectedness to it is grounding and humbling. Making sure we do good each day, whether it’s working for a company that’s trying to change the world or personally making an effort to reduce our own impacts, is what it’s all about!


Kim Pexton

Earth Day reminds me to reflect on being grateful every day that I work in a field that celebrates the environment and acknowledges climate change. Every day is Earth Day but especially on this one day, it’s a celebration of accumulative acts and the understanding that we can accomplish more.

Kristen Fulmer

Earth Day is a recurring annual “calendar reminder” for those of us who are fortunate enough to travel to, experience, and witness Earth’s beauty every day –  not just once per year. It’s a reminder to preserve and conserve the qualities that we love in order to share with those less fortunate and for future generations.

Michele Williams

Earth Day is a day for everyone to recognize the importance and celebrate the beauty of the natural space that continues to bring us life. It is a time educate others of the effective changes we can make in our everyday lives to reduce our environmental impact and raise awareness of environmental issues. I is the one day where everyone shares in my passion of preserving the earth which sustains life and the lives of generations to come.


Michelle Dusseau Diller

I do live “Earth Day is every day.” It’s a personal anniversary for me because it was during the 20th anniversary celebration of Earth Day while a student at the University of Michigan that I decided to shift my career focus towards environmental science and sustainability.


Nash Emrich

Earth Day is a reminder of why we work so hard every day to create sustainable real estate.  It’s easy to get caught up in the details of high performance envelopes and low-flow plumbing fixtures, or bogged down by scorekeeping – LEED, WELL, or GRESB.  But what really matters is the Earth – the health of this planet and the wellbeing and happiness of all its inhabitants.


Stephanie Heliker

Earth Day is a reality check. The Earth should be the most important issue every day and always – our planet is our only home. It enables existence for every living thing! Think about that. If on this day we can further education, improve awareness, and add to our collective voice for making this world a better place, then Earth Day is essential. In the words of Carl Sagan, we must “preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”


Stephanie Mosier

Earth Day is a day to remember the environment during our busy lives. It reminds us to continue to do little things to help our planet. Turn off lights, conserve energy, plant trees, recycle, reduce and reuse are each small things each of us can do every day to help sustain the Earth.

earth day

Susie Westrup

I’m grateful every morning that I get to work to help others be better stewards of the abundant resources our Earth provides. On Earth Day, I’m especially grateful for all of the people and organizations who share what they’re doing to protect and keep our Earth. My spirit is further fueled knowing I have many partners with a shared mission to create a more sustainable future.


Tell us, what does Earth Day mean to you? Comment below, or tweet us at @PaladinoandCo.

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