Paladino has attended every Greenbuild since the expo launched in 2002. This year, as Greenbuild 2016 takes over Los Angeles, CEO Tom Paladino and Vice President Brad Pease are going to the conference to connect with cohorts and to light a fire under the belly of the industry.

In addition to soaking up the great content, sessions, and parties, Brad and Tom want to talk to as many change agents as possible about the future of green building and what role industry leaders like LEED Fellows can play.

Greenbuild 2016 - Tom and Brad

Greenbuild is exciting and chaotic – three days of the rush and whir of the industry’s best and brightest educating, learning, connecting, and sharing ideas about the future of green building. It’s also immensely important. Just today the earth’s carbon levels passed the 400ppm tipping point. If NASA Scientists are talking about it, we should be too.

Tom and Brad have a long list of the people they want to see, and if you are a leader in the industry, they definitely want to talk to you, too.

Don’t leave it to chance – we have published Tom and Brad’s complete Greenbuild schedule so that you can find them and be a part of this important conversation.

And if you don’t find them first, they’ll do their best to find you. If you are on Twitter, you can DM them at @PaladinoTom and @BradJPease.

Happy Greenbuild!

Greenbuild 2016 - Schedule

Download a copy of the hyperlinked schedule here.


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