While I have been engrossed in the sustainability industry since 2016, I will be attending the Greenbuild Conference and Expo for the first time this year. I will be there with my colleagues, Lauren Luckett, Tom Paladino, and Paroma Chakravarty.


2019 has been a particularly significant year for the Climate Change movement because of the social media attention around UN’s Climate Action Summit, and the connections the news media and scientific community are confidently drawing between natural disasters, extreme weather events, and climate change.  The demands of Greta Thunberg have also brought a much younger generation into the fold while sparking intense dialogue among the older generation of world-leaders she is addressing.

Thanks to this and more, I have found myself discussing and debating environmental issues with people who would not typically have an opinion on the subject.

2019 has also been a significant year in my personal pursuit of environmental activism.  I attended Al Gore’s Climate Action Leadership conference in March, which coincidentally was held at the same venue in Atlanta as the Greenbuild Expo. As a Climate Reality Leader, I feel an intense sense of mission to educate others and ensure my projects prioritize sustainable strategies.

In addition to the re-energized discussion around climate change, there are specific Greenbuild Expo sessions that I plan to attend. Maybe I will see you there!

The theme for Greenbuild 2019 is A New Living Standard, with the convergence of wellness, resilience, sustainability, and living standards in sharp focus. I am thrilled to see these themes take center stage at Greenbuild Atlanta. The defining characteristics of a sustainable project are broadening, and consultants like myself are making the connections between these issues through our project work. This is energizing to me, and re-energizing to the industry, which has been grappling with the changing landscape for several years.

Leadership in Green Building for Public Health program. I am fascinated by public health, toxicology, and epidemiology so I plan to gain a better understanding of how to apply that knowledge towards Paladino’s WELL projects. I’ll be at booth 1223 on Thursday, November 21st from 3:00 – 4:00.

Phytoremediation: Pollution Purging Plants: I hope to learn more about incorporating biofiltration swales into projects.

I’ll do my best to attend the keynote with Barack Obama, but I expect that hall to be standing room only. The Thursday keynote with Jamie Margolin speaks to my activist spirit, and I am excited to hear about her youth climate justice movement, Zero Hour.

As I prepare for my trip to Atlanta to volunteer at the conference and join thousands of ambitious sustainability leaders, I am particularly looking forward to discussing climate leadership and activism with fellow young professionals and volunteers.

And of course, Paladino is sponsoring the annual reviewer’s party on Thursday at Believe Music Hall. I’ll be there blowing off steam with the rest of the Paladino team.


About Greenbuild

Greenbuild is the largest annual gathering of thought leaders, decision-makers, and innovators on a relentless mission to continually elevate the standards which define “quality of life” where we work and live. More online at www.greenbuildexpo.com.


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