As the holiday season approaches, we’ve taken a step back to reflect on what we’re grateful for this year. Whether we are saying thanks for friends and family, or game-changing discoveries in climate change, we have a lot to celebrate.


Amanda Cunningham, Senior Project Manager: I am grateful for the sunshine and amazing weather I had while camping on Assateague Island. Beautiful sunrise + walk on the beach = perfect morning.





Nash Emrich, Senior Consultant: I’m grateful for the love and support I receive from my fiancé, family, friends, colleagues, and company. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity to help make the world happier and healthier.





Pia Engel, Associate Sustainability Consultant: I am thankful for the shared electric scooter craze of 2018.





Renee Gastineau, Client Development Manager: I am grateful for scholars and researchers, like William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer, the 2018 Nobel Prize winners in economics who encourage fact-based solutions to climate change and collaboration among governments and business.





Brad Greeff, Senior Commissioning  Consultant: I’m grateful for heating and air-conditioning. It’s wonderful to come back to a comfortable home each night, and it’s very easy to take it for granted!





Mary Hamann, Cx Engineer: I’m grateful to live in a place with so much natural beauty and a culture that embraces sustainability.





Deborah Hanamura, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing: I’m grateful for the Ocean Cleanup and it’s daring attempt to tackle the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It gives me hope!





Shriya Kulkarni, Associate Sustainability Analyst: I am grateful to have an opportunity to work in the field of sustainability which has increased my sensitivity towards nature and to people around me who support and encourage me to keep learning more and pushing boundaries!





Kim Pexton, Director: I am grateful for the travel time my family sacrifices to attend Thanksgiving at my house.  I am also grateful for patience; 25 people, 4 dogs, three turkeys and 10 pumpkin pies.





Kelly Ryan, Sustainability Analyst: I’m grateful for the leaders who continue to raise the bar on climate change action despite the current political situation. Seeing cities and countries alike pledge to be net zero or carbon neutral by a certain year makes me feel so empowered and inspired in my daily life. We’re all in this together!





Meagann Siddick, Accounting Manager: I am thankful for a great work environment, friends, family, and life!





Rebecca Smith, Associate Consultant: I am thankful I get to live in such an eco-minded city,  with endless opportunities to express my environmental activism!





Hanna Swaintek, Senior Technical Manager: I’m grateful to have a competent and supportive team to cover me while I’m out on maternity leave with baby #2.





Paul Paladino, CFO: I’m grateful for the amazing team I get to work with every day; we’re collectively making positive change in the world with drive, passion, grit… and a dash of humor!





Tom Paladino, CEO: I’m grateful for the passionate team around me.





Wendy Walters, Marketing Specialist: I’m grateful for how much I’ve learned about our industry this past year and a half. My work inspires me every day and the desire to make an impact spreads into daily choices I make outside of the office.





Most of all we are grateful to every client, colleague, and reader of our blog. Thank YOU, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!






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