While the notion that sustainability implies scarcity is dissipating, and more businesses are developing sustainable buildings to avoid waste and increase inefficiency, there’s still a disconnect between sustainability and business performance in the hospitality industry.

The number one driver of business performance in hospitality is the guest experience.

A hotel that bridges sustainability with the guest experience is an ideal place to stay, play, and meet. A hotel that bridges sustainability with profits and revenue is an ideal place to own and operate.

Great news: Hotels can have both! Want to know how?

The secret is understanding and establishing the owner’s business values. Through concise and thoughtful planning, a parallel between sustainability and business values can be accomplished without spending more money. Use sustainability as a lens to obtain improved financial performance while also drawing more customers and putting heads in beds.

plus model

There are four drivers of business values, and each can be the guidepost for sustainable strategies. Learn more about our approach to value-driven sustainability.

Here’s an example:
The owner of a new full-service hotel in a progressive urban market reveals that their business needs to capture market share as quickly as possible. So the owner values competitive differentiators, wow factor, and buzz (Growth).

It is decided that the perfect amenity to establish a chic reputation is to offer yoga and mindfulness classes on the rooftop terrace (Wellness).

And what if the rooftop terrace featured a green roof?

This is where the bridge between guest experience and business value lives. A roof that reduces operating costs by naturally insulating from heat gain and managing rain water will just as importantly create a wonderful amenity (and photo op) for guests. Creating an amenity that provides great health benefits for guests at a low cost, and gives them something interesting to tell their friends can be achieved through abundant thinking.



It’s no secret that hotels will align their development strategies with what’s in it for them. You don’t need to exchange business value for social responsibility. You can have your cake and eat it too! Namaste!




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