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We’re proud that, once again, Seattle Business Magazine has named Paladino as one of Washington’s Best 100 Companies to Work for 2013. The competition salutes Washington companies setting the standard for leadership, strong benefits, ideal work environment, innovative training, happiest employees and more.

Paladino’s DNA

As our founder Tom Paladino said in his post launching this blog, “Abundance is built into Paladino’s DNA. We’re committed to sustainability and creating a world of abundance and enduring value. This includes nurturing an environment of abundance in our own workplace.”

It takes intellectual rigor to solve the most pressing sustainability issues. We believe this can only occur in an organization that encourages innovative thinking and collaborative approaches to build authentic relationships with each other and our clients. We constantly strive to be that kind of company.

To ensure connection to our core values, every employee creates an Abundance Poster, a visual representation of his or her individual abundance story as it relates to Paladino’s mission of people, planet and prosperity all thriving together.

No workplace is perfect. We know that. But we believe and trust that our people are fulfilled personally and professionally by working here. However, we wanted to know for sure. So we decided to ask them.

Here is a sampling of what Paladino’s employees had to say:

“I like working for Paladino because it exercises a fair and collaborative involvement process for everyone in the company. When there are decisions to be made, everyone’s opinions are valued, encouraged, and fairly evaluated regardless of staff level. “ – Jackson Ludwig

“As the client services manager, it is great to represent such a bright group of people who are committed to sustainability both in their work and in their lives. That kind of authenticity shines through to our clients, which allow us to work with great organizations to achieve really important results in the green building industry. It is refreshing to be driven by purpose rather than just financial objectives. “ – Murray Greenwood

“At Paladino we are like explorers. Half of the time we are in familiar waters, enjoying the life. The other half of the time we are charting new paths through the chaos of progress.” – Todd Staheli

“My husband says that working at Paladino is my hobby, not my job, because I really enjoy what I do. There is an energizing green ethos in our workplace, which allows us to truly feel like we are all working toward a common sustainability goal. No greenwashing here! We believe in our work, and know that we are making a difference. Besides helping to save the planet, Paladino also understands that employees need work-life balance. I love being able to bike to work and knowing that my workplace encourages it, and having flexibility with work hours and location allows me to take care of my family.” – Lexy Relph

“I admire people who love and desire to work in the field of sustainable design/energy. It’s an industry that isn’t solely driven by pursuing profit but by a lot of care – for people, planet, and prosperity. That’s just how Paladino defines our core value – Abundance.  People who align to an Abundance Thinking approach are ones who are sensible, rational, open minded, audacious, passionate and caring. That’s what I’ve observed from people at Paladino and that’s what Paladino encourages its people to be. Paladino has a greatly supportive eco-system that exists at all levels – peer-to-peer, management team and technical teams. You’re free to ask any questions, ask for experience and ask for help from the people around you. You always get the great mind that you need.” – Tim Zhu

“Paladino pairs interesting people with interesting work with a common goal of promoting sustainability within the design build community.” – Alex Ricklefs

“Paladino lands some of the most interesting projects in the United States and around the world. We get to work on everything from overseas embassies to the largest office towers, hotels, resorts and high rise projects in the heart of Washington DC. We have a unique company culture that allows personal creativity and expertise to influence building design unlike anywhere I have worked before. Paladino is full of bright people who not only care about sustainability but really live it. This allows us to learn from each other and it creates a critical mass of sustainable synergy that spills over into all of our projects. Paladino is constantly improving itself, its employees and its processes. This allows us to remain on the forefront of the sustainability wave while providing personal growth opportunities for everyone in the company. And Paladino DC just got a new fridge, toaster oven, and a box of chocolates.” – Mike Hamilton

“I get to work with smart, driven people who are committed to sustainability. Teamwork is emphasized; we’re all looking out for each other. Someone’s always got my back, and vice versa. “ – Lisa Allen

“Every time I talk with someone about Paladino, I realize more and more why it’s such a great company to work for. In my experience, Paladino rises far above the rest with its commitment to helping its employees develop not just as consultants but also as people, through teaching broadly applicable skills such as how to “FeedForward” instead of feedback and understand different personality types. Because it’s a small company, I get to contribute to or even lead a variety of initiatives such as marketing campaigns or our sustainable move program, in addition to my green building consulting role. The opportunities for improvement are limited only by your personal aspirations, and every employee is encouraged to develop to achieve their desired role. I can truly say that I feel valued at the company and that as an individual, I still make an impact on the overall company make-up and success.” – Candice Goldsmith

“Each day is a little bit different from the previous. Although the work is generally the same, our innovative approach is always evolving. I’m constantly able to push myself to learn new techniques, approaches, and strategies towards implementing change, work in different disciplines and not be held down to one specialty. And, I’m given the freedom to balance work life and personal life.” – Jeff Williford

“Paladino is a great place to work because of all our options… at many other jobs it seems that it is either their way or the highway. We at Paladino are encouraged to find our own transportation choices such as walking, biking, and riding the bus or ferry. Taking the highway would be the last thing we would do.” – Grey Fowles

“I enjoy working at Paladino because the job is both challenging and rewarding. The sustainable construction realm in which I work can sometimes be an uphill battle to resolve arising issues. However, with every win (even small) comes a sense of accomplishment knowing that I am making a difference in how my projects are sustainably constructed.”  – Hawkins Thomas

“I like the feeling that I am contributing to something larger than myself; we have the capacity to influence others for the greater good of the world. I enjoy working with friends and greatly value the relationships I have made at Paladino.” – Scott Bareither

Julie Honeywell is Vice President, Talent Management, at Paladino and Company.

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