A master plan is an investment in the future. A master plan used to serve as the ‘blueprint’ for a project, outlining the boundaries, roads, and buildings. Title blocks neatly identified elements like “movie theater’ and ‘parking garage’ and sweeping roads would connect the project to the external world.

It doesn’t work like that anymore.

So how does an integrated team develop a master plan that will have the endurance, through-line, and infrastructure to deliver the ideal project outcome and ROI, even as the vertical development draws out over time?

We’ve heard this question and seen this struggle on master plans across regions, project types, and developer profiles, which is why Paladino’s team developed this e-book to simply lay out the foundation, process, and back-check on best-in-class master plans.

In our new e-bookMaster Planning: How to maximize success on master plans by integrating sustainability and third-party certification, we explore how infusing sustainability into the master planning process helps create a story that ensures maximum and enduring value to all.

The master plan includes a critical and often-missed process to develop the master plan; a high-level review of each master planning certification option; examples of master plans that linked their strategy to their values; and a sample scope of work for any firm that wants to engage a sustainability consultant on a master planning project.

This is a must-read for architects, developers, community constituents, government regulators, and project owners.

Download the e-book here.

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