We’ve made some organizational changes at Paladino in 2015 to better serve our clients. Our sustainability practices are now focused by industry.

An experienced market leader heads each industry sector team, spanning commercial real estate, higher education, high tech & biotech, hospitality, industrial, multifamily residential and mixed-use. Each expert team is equipped to provide all the services we offer in order to achieve the highest possible outcomes for clients.

We’re pleased to introduce our market team leaders. We look forward to working alongside you in 2015, helping to create the enduring value and competitive advantage that will set you apart in your industry.

Commercial Real Estate

Rachel Sowards

Rachel Sowards leads Paladino’s commercial real estate sector. The team has led multiple commercial projects nationwide including the Tower at PNC Plaza. Whether it is an existing building or new construction, her team is equipped to quantify environmental performance, measure occupant wellness and productivity, and reduce building operating costs all while creating engaging, innovative, and productive work environments.

Contact: For more information on how Rachel’s team can best serve you on a high performance commercial real estate project, contact Rachel directly via phone, 240-403-0787, or email.

Higher Education

Hanna VanOverschelde

Hanna VanOverschelde leads Paladino’s higher education sector. College enrollment is projected to increase by 14% through 2022, and campuses will need to grow and adapt to meet the demand. Her team engages different campus colleges and departments, students, and faculty to produce energy and economic savings and deliver on the commitments in their climate action plans. Her multi-disciplinary team is highly credentialed and can educate and provide resources to continue the efficient use of sustainable solutions long after project completion.

Contact: For more information on how Hanna’s team can best serve you on a high performance education project, contact Hanna directly via phone, 206-957-8585, or email.



Dina Belon leads Paladino’s hospitality sector. Her team provides hospitality clients with sustainable solutions that lower property operating costs while exceeding guests’ expectations of comfort and experience. With a focus on shared values, she demonstrates to clients how their own abundant resources can lift performance and create value. From luxury to boutique, her teams’ broad experience in the hospitality market includes sustainable strategy solutions for prominent hotel brands including Marriott, Wyndham and Four Seasons as well as a number of community and entertainment centers

Contact: For more information on how Dina’s team can best serve you on a high performance hospitality project, contact Dina directly via phone, 206-957-8571, or email.


Energy modeling

Thulasi Narayan leads Paladino’s industrial sector. Her team provides energy strategy and indoor quality enhancement services to maximize energy performance of manufacturing facilities to reduce operating costs and increase employee wellbeing. They use in-depth analytics and a robust team facilitation process to push design teams toward achieving deep resource efficiencies in all projects. Her team has provided sustainable strategy to a number of processing, manufacturing and refrigeration plants, including work on the world’s first LEED Platinum frozen food processing plant, surpassing expectations with substantial reductions in energy, water and waste.

Contact: For more information on how Thulasi’s team can best serve you on a high performance industrial project, contact Thulasi directly via phone, 206-957-5878, or email.



Nash Emrich leads Paladino’s multifamily sector. His team leverages its breadth and depth of multifamily project experience to provide analysis and support for the planning, design, and construction of cutting edge projects. Paladino understands the main drivers of the market and how to achieve key project goals through sustainable and wellness-focused design strategies. The team has touched markets from Seattle to New York City, including work on Brooklyn’s largest and most illustrious property development, Pacific Park.

Contact: For more information on how Nash’s team can best serve you on a high performance multifamily project, contact Nash directly via phone, 240-403-0218, or email.

Mixed-Use Development


Julia Raish leads Paladino’s mixed-use sector. Her team works with owners and developers with both small and large real estate portfolios, as well as design and construction teams. They have worked on hundreds of commercial office, housing, and retail projects, providing technical analysis, planning, and sustainable design and construction strategies to deliver high performing real estate properties.

Contact: For more information on how Julia’s team can best serve you on a high performance mixed-use project, contact Julia directly via phone, 206-957-8567, or email.

High Tech and Biotech

Paladino’s high tech and biotech  team adds value to technology real estate by achieving significant reduction in operating costs. They quantify the value of reduced energy and other efficiencies with Paladino’s cloud based tools to sustain high performance for the life of the property. By designing and redefining collaborative space, the team creates efficient, engaging and productive work environments, giving properties a competitive edge in retaining employees long term.

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