The goal of sustainability is to design buildings that can endure. Market adoption of LEED was a major milestone in the march toward higher-performance buildings, but it is not the destination. Net zero could well be the next milestone in the journey to buildings that benefit the planet.

Net zero energy (NZE) is newly minted industry shorthand that means a building produces as much energy as it consumes. The term net zero can apply to water and waste, but it most commonly refers to energy.

While net zero is an easy concept to grasp, it is complex in application. In many cases, when the initial first-cost of the technologies comes into focus, the list of solar panels, fuel cells, wind turbines (and more) can overwhelm the project vision, and before you know it the net zero conversation ends.

Get up to speed on net zero energy

In our new ebook, Net Zero Energy: Why and how to pursue net zero energy for your new and existing building, we offer an entirely new approach to NZE: the driving Paladino philosophy of Abundance Thinking. An Abundance approach means that the project starts with a confident understanding that you have all the resources needed to achieve your net zero goal. Using Abundance, you can identify resources that are readily at hand, and employ them to the best possible result. The resource might be the sun or the wind, your organization’s mission, or an entrepreneur with eye for innovation. Abundant resources exist in every project, they just need to be harnessed.

More importantly, this ebook addresses the why and how of NZE. It provides arguments for and against net zero energy, and walks the reader through the steps to create a net zero energy project pro forma and total cost of ownership calculation.

We have laid out practical and proven techniques for pursuing net zero energy on both new and existing buildings.

Start the journey to net zero energy today!

Download our ebook, and tackle net zero energy, the next frontier in sustainability.

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