We wouldn’t be in the sustainability business if we weren’t passionate about preserving the natural beauty around us. With our headquarters located in Seattle, one of the country’s most gorgeous urban settings surrounded by mountains, trees and waterscape, we are reminded every day that environmental conservation is imperative.

That’s why we set out to support West Seattle’s Nature Consortium, a local community-based organization that brings together volunteers in the Puget Sound area to promote art and environmental action. As part of Paladino’s Global Green Ambassador program, our team selected the urban forest restoration program for our quarterly community service project, planting trees to help revitalize Seattle’s largest remaining forest, the West Duwamish Greenbelt.


The greenbelt’s 500 acres spanning West Seattle have been damaged over the years due to the impacts of logging in the area. Since 2003, the Nature Consortium has aided in its revival through planting, removal of invasive weeds and other habitat restoration measures.

We welcomed the cool, clear day as well as some entertainment by a local banjoist whose upbeat strumming kept us motivated as we placed, dug and planted. In all, the Paladino team and other volunteers planted nearly 200 trees in just under four hours, including indigenous tree and plant species such as the Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Hemlock, Salmonberry and Indian Plum.


Aside from the work that we do every day, it’s important to our team to make a difference in our community. It’s our chance to further our mission and inspire and lead others. The day’s work was rewarding and we look forward to returning over the years to see the saplings grow and help the forest’s natural habitat endure.


Are you inspired to get involved? Visit the Nature Consortium page to volunteer on one of the many projects in need of community support.

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