There’s a saying, “time is not measured by the passing of years, but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.” We measure 2016 by the great achievements of our clients, and we can confidently say that it was a successful year.

What will be achieved in 2017 is yet to be imagined, and the work ahead will be inspired by the ideas and thought leadership coming from our team of designers, architects, engineers, and sustainability experts.

Here are 2016’s best and most interesting insights that make the connection between sustainability and business value.


New Year resolutions for the workplace: Deliver a healthy sense of wellness

Why is there growing interest to invest in employee health in the workplace? Because wellness equals big bucks. Manager Susie’s Westrup’s resolution blog held strong all year – like all resolutions should! (read more)

Wellness is the missing link to a massive 93% of sustainable real estate value

Healthier and happier employees benefit a company’s bottom line. Senior Project Manager Divya Natarajan writes that the proof lies within results from the evidence-based WELL Building Standard. (read more)

Five wellness framework alternatives to the WELL Building Standard

Wellness plays a critical role in building design, business operations, and social responsibility. The WELL Building Standard has become the top third-party validation for organizations pursuing a certifiably well space, but it’s not the only option. Here are five wellness framework alternatives. (read more)


Workplace Megatrends: Generational differences, health, and sustainability define the workplace of the future

Three megatrends demand rapid change in the workplace: generational change, health and wellbeing, and sustainability. (read more)

Tower at PNC Plaza team recognized among best in BD+C Building Team Awards

The Tower at PNC Plaza is one of our best examples of success as a result of an early collaborative design process. Because of this, The Tower team was recognized by Building Design + Construction magazine as a Gold-level winner of its Building Team Awards. (read more)

Six trends defining the workplace of the future

Virtual reality. Wellness. Shared economy. These are just some of the trends shaping the workplace of the future. (read more)

How To’s

What I learned while preparing for my GRI G4 exam

If your organization is considering releasing corporate sustainability reports, the GRI G4 are the guidelines that you need to follow. Divya shares what she learned while preparing for the GRI G4 exam, and how she’s equipped in developing an organization’s approach to sustainability and reporting. (read more)

Are you ready for LEED v4 certification?

With LEED v4 in full swing, building professionals need to understand the how the updates affect them. This post walks through the most significant changes to the latest USGBC rating system. (read more)

At the Edge of Inside: The Role of the LEED Fellow

If you want to be an effective change agent, you must be both credible and impartial. USGBC has designated the prestigious LEED Fellow title to those deemed to be the most exceptional professionals in the green building industry. Should LEED Fellows be doing more to enact change? Absolutely. LEED Fellow Brad Pease shares. (read more)

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