We are excited to announce the next chapter of Paladino and Company. We’re now part of Buro Happold, a global engineering firm that operates in 26 locations worldwide, including several in the U.S. This is an exciting step for Paladino because we can access an even greater menu of capabilities for our clients. It’s also good for Buro Happold because of our success in creating enduring value for our clients through sustainability.

We’ve come so far over the past 25 years since Paul and I began our journey in Seattle. We launched the firm from a leaky houseboat and from there, our lives changed forever.

I had just completed my master’s degree in architecture and Paul had just been through his first dot.com bust when our dad suggested we join forces. From the beginning, we focused on “Abundance Thinking”, meaning we would find creative ways to work with what we’ve got and unearth hidden potential in every project.

We recognized the interest in sustainability for the built environment and we were fortunate to attract the attention of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). At the time, USGBC was seeking help to launch a green building framework for buildings, which would soon come to be known as LEED. Our second chapter was building the rating system out for them – blending a hefty measure of analytics into the LEED format. We authored the first Reference Guide, the first LEED Workshop, and the first market transformation plan. We never dreamed that LEED would become a global driver of green buildings!

In our third chapter, we added colleagues and expanded to the east coast to handle a growing interest in green portfolios from the developer world and Fortune brands. Our offering grew to include a range of modeling and commissioning services. We coalesced into a boutique league of experts, committed to our values, attitudes, and behaviors. Our culture and technical abilities continue to be the driver of performance within our work.

This next chapter continues our vision of a sustainability platform rooted in abundance and guided by analytics. Our new partnership with the leading engineering and strategic consultancy firm extends our vision and services to a global scale. Abundance and sustainability are what our world needs now, more than ever.

Our deepest thanks to everyone — our clients, our employees, our families, and our friends — for their part on our journey and for helping us get to this day!

Read the full press release here.

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  1. What do you mean you started your firm in a “leaky houseboat?” Okay, so there were mushrooms growing in the carpet downstairs, but that was just an early experiment in urban agriculture. Congratulations Tom!

  2. A big move, Tom. Congratulations on what it shows about what you’ve built up. I remember the houseboat; Buro Happold is getting something much bigger and more seaworthy. Best wishes for whatever is next.


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