Campus buildings have competing needs for thermal comfort, energy efficiency and ever changing space needs as well as demands on facility staff time to maintain comfortable and efficient environments. These competing needs often result in buildings that are not operating at their maximum potential.

In the Puget Sound area, utility companies Puget Sound Energy  (PSE) and Seattle City Light (SCL) have incentive programs to help campus facility managers improve buildings’ energy performance through building commissioning  (Cx) and verification. These utility incentive programs provide universities and schools with funding to hire preferred providers to assess, analyze and tune-up building equipment. Additional incentive funding is available for CapEx changes implemented, based on improved building performance.


The Paladino Process:
Paladino is a preferred provider for the PSE and SCL incentive programs. We can maximize the benefit to your buildings while minimizing operational staff time. Paladino uses a combination of cutting edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology and a data driven analytical process to analyze building performance.

Based on the information gathered from the front-end analytics, Paladino will arrive at a series of hypothesis that we then verify and refine during onsite inspection. We have controls and mechanical engineers on staff who can provide recommendations on operational set points, temperature ramps, loop pressures etc. to optimize your HVAC equipment.

Based on selective onsite audits, we will provide the most cost effective and highest impact CapEx measures to improve your building energy performance and thermal comfort. The result is an efficient, customized retro-Cx process that provides the highest value to your buildings.


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