There is a direct connection between an organization’s culture, the role of trust, and the community’s experience of innovation on a project. This connection was at the heart the 2018 Seattle Design Festival, which placed its theme of TRUST at the forefront of the event.

Paladino hosted an interactive workshop for more than thirty design professionals and enthusiasts on September 19th to explore Paladino’s approach to culture, engagement, and the path to innovation.

This workshop explored Paladino’s culture charter and framework as it applies to real estate projects, and then broke into teams to explore trust and the behaviors that are necessary to build it.


The Culture Charter

Paladino’s Culture Charter is built upon the firm ground of trust, respect, honesty, and kindness. Upon this foundation, we hold ourselves and each other accountable; and commit to effective communication to create a culture of learning and inspiration.

We bring these same behaviors and ideas to every project, as every project team forms its own culture and behavioral norms. The principles of a just, sustainable, and equitable community can only be created by a like-minded team.


Trust Matters

The concept is simple: We set a strong foundation that welcomes all team members into a respectful and honest environment. Within this safe environment, people are free to communicate openly and honestly, and to hold themselves and each other accountable to commitments. Once the team is operating in an open, respectful, and accountable environment, it’s possible for the team to dream big with the design – bigger than anyone can imagine on their own.


After attendees heard about the Culture Charter, we broke up into five groups and set out to create five unique charters. We used images to represent how a culture of trust feels. After discussing which images were chosen and why, the groups reconvened to define the behaviors that bring those feelings to life.

This link between feelings and behaviors became the foundation of each group’s individual culture charter.


Paladino has long-championed the belief that sustainability is for everyone – and it is most needed in communities that are developing economically. We share in the moral responsibility to deliver well-designed buildings that reduce operating expenses, increase opportunities for commerce, and contribute to the health and wellness of occupants.

If you would like to learn more about the Seattle Design Festival, read more here.

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