Let’s revisit 2018’s most popular posts from Paladino’s Abundance Blog. These are the posts that made the strongest connection between sustainability and business value, and they are the posts that you read, shared, and commented on the most!

  1. Odell Architecture selects Paladino and Company to provide sustainability strategy for landmark super tall tower in Bogota, Colombia

By Deborah Hanamura

The project, to be located in the central business district’s Veracruz neighborhood, will reach skyward with 116 stories of mixed-use real estate – an unprecedented scale for the region. It is expected to include class ‘A’  commercial office space, a five-star hotel, managed apartment units, and retail space with tenant and public amenity space at multiple levels, including a signature restaurant and observation floor at the top of the tower.

  1. Green building trends for 2018 and beyond

By Paladino and Company

We observed several driving trends as we kicked off 2018– and those trends indicated that 2018 was going to be a different sort of year for green buildings. Did our expected shifts prove true in your experience this year?

  1. Vertical gardens: Wellness oases in the urban jungle

By Kim Pexton

Experts in the field of biophilic design are finding that that people need regular contact with nature to be happy and whole. For those who live and work in cities, the concrete, glass towers, smog, and noise can drastically and negatively affect wellbeing. Urban areas are projected to house 60 percent of people globally by 2030, and one in three people will live in cities with at least a half million inhabitants. So here’s the question and our opportunity: When there’s only so much real estate available in urban centers for parks, how’s a developer to bring in more green with biophilic design?

  1. Seattle sweetens the deal for Living Buildings with the 2030 Challenge Pilot Program

By Renee Gastineau

Two living buildings have been successfully certified in Seattle, with others achieving various petals. And while the Living Future Institute has made impressive strides in educating the real estate community about the importance of its ambitious targets, the market has been slower to adopt the Living Building Challenge than many had hoped. Now the City of Seattle has opted to sweeten the deal for sustainable building operators in order to increase carbon neutral building.

  1. LEED v4.1 O+M: LEED gets more inclusive and performance focused with Arc

By Amanda Cunningham

LEED v4.1 is intended to extend LEED certification to more types of projects and to increase the emphasis on building performance. That’s why LEED v4.1, the latest version of LEED, makes greater use of the Arc platform, and focuses heavily on the performance aspects of LEED certification.

  1. Sustainable Construction: An interview with Laura Soma of GLY Construction

By Deborah Hanamura

GLY has made the connection between its sustainable building approach and its long-standing commitment to being a positive contributor to its local community. Laura is a project manager and sustainability specialist and has been with GLY for more than twenty years. She’s leading the charge to develop the company’s sustainability program and decrease the environmental impact of their construction projects. Learn more.

  1. Revolutionizing the standard green lease

By Kim Pexton

The DOE Better Buildings Initiative has made a bold statement calling 2018 the “Year of the Lease”. As more building owners, managers, and tenants incorporate environmental stewardship and sustainability into their real estate operations, the concept of green leasing has moved into the mainstream. We expect to see the trend only increase in 2019.

  1. Here comes the big green game – sustainability heads to the super bowl

By Paladino and Company

Super Bowl LIII was held in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which claims to be the most sustainable sports venue in the world and is the first professional sports stadium to achieve LEED Platinum in the United States (impressive!). We are glad to see that the sports community is taking this green ball and running with it!

  1. Building Resilience: An interview with Allison Pyrch

By Deborah Hanamura

We talked to Allison Pyrch of Hart Crowser about building resilience, and the one thing she wishes every architect and developer understood about designing a resilient building.

  1. LEED v4.1 — a game changer or business as usual?

By Kim Pexton

Feeling like you’re just settling in to LEED v4? It’s hard to believe that It’s been four years since the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released LEED v4, and now, LEED v4.1 is in motion. As we learn more about LEED v4.1, we’ll keep you informed.

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