Rachel Sowards has been with Paladino since 2007, when we purchased Steven Keppler and Associates. In that time, Rachel has been an active member of the architecture and development community, a passionate advocate for the environment, and a beloved and trusted member of the Paladino team.

Rachel is leaving us this week, to challenge herself in new and exciting ways. This is the perfect time to reflect on some of the great content and inspiration that Rachel provided through the years via the Paladino blog.

Here are five of our favorite posts from Rachel Sowards, Pal for life:

Want to pursue a career in sustainability? Advice from a pro

My work brings together personal passions, technical innovation, and the intense gratification that comes from seeing a project go up that is actually good for the community and planet. I work hard every day, and I know my work matters. Not everyone has that privilege.

Are your buildings climate ready? A 1.1 trillion-ton iceberg just broke away from Antarctica, so it’s a good time to check.

We must press on and we absolutely have the capacity to protect ourselves and the place we work, play, and live. And just as importantly, we have the capacity to protect our people from whatever is next.

NYC’s aging infrastructure is ready for an efficiency face lift

The fact is new commercial office development isn’t coming fast enough, so our existing buildings must be part of the solution.

Avoid the post-LEED certification slump by setting new goals

It should be the goal of every owner to continue investing in the performance of their building, not only for the cost savings but to continue to maintain a healthy building and comfortable, satisfied occupants.

Leasing commercial real estate properties by promoting sustainability

There is no reason to spend valuable time and money implementing a program if you can’t measure the results.


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