You can always count on TED talks to feature provocative speakers who change the way you think about things. In this highly engaging talk, Joi Ito, had of MIT Media Labs, discusses why you should stop being a futurist and become a “now-ist.”

By building quickly and improving constantly, “bottom-up innovation is seen in the most fascinating, futuristic projects emerging today.” In what he calls BI, or Before the Internet, it would cost millions of dollars to develop a plan, and hire designers and engineers to make something.

After the Internet, the cost of trying new things went down to almost zero. “So you would have Google, Facebook, Yahoo, students that didn’t have permission —permissionless innovation…they just built the thing.”

He believes, “…that even though the world is extremely complex, what you need to do is very simple. I think it’s about stopping this notion that you need to plan everything, you need to stock everything, and you need to be so prepared, and focus on being connected, always learning, fully aware, and super present.”

Watch how he and a group of like minded individuals around the world he had never met– out of concern for radiation levels following the historic earthquake in Japan in 2011 – built one of the most successful citizen science projects in the world, and created the largest open dataset of radiation measurements.

How could a now-ist philosophy and permissionless innovation help solve the economic and environmental challenges brought by climate change? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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