If you’ve noticed some changes at Paladino and Company, it’s because we’re growing again and updating our corporate image.

Our merger with S.D. Keppler (now Paladino DC) is the latest step in a 20-year journey that started in the basement of a rental house with a phone, a beat-up desk and me.

I had a vision that there must be a way to join culture and ecology in how you think about buildings. Back then, I had just earned a master’s degree in architecture, after having been an engineer for 10 years. Engineers are focused on analytics and often lacking in vision. In architecture school, it seemed that it was all about vision without a lot of analytics.

Early on, “green” was associated with the environmental movement. Clear air. Clean water. Cleaner energy. But these are important to real estate owners, too.

Sustainability in Real Estate

So I set out to align vision and analytics in a company that could make the business case for sustainable buildings.

There was no reason, in my view, that a building couldn’t be designed to be more environmentally friendly with interior spaces that made it a better place to work while achieving measurable cost savings.

Soon I was getting traction around what I wanted to talk about. I began to attract clients and had hired a few employees, so I decided to move my business “off shore,” from a basement that often flooded to a leaky houseboat.

I learned an early lesson that getting out of your own space allows you to think differently. We quickly outgrew the houseboat and decided a downtown Seattle location in a real office building would be the best place to attract talent. I wanted to create the kind of work place we were espousing for our green building consulting clients. Our headquarters today is LEED® certified.

Over the years, we’ve added to our staff and now occupy two floors. The strategic decision to acquire S.D. Keppler strengthens our service offerings and ability to serve clients anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.

LEED® Certification

The sustainability movement quickly gained momentum and, in 1993, we helped to found the U.S. Green Building Council so that organizations could share knowledge and have an official voice in advocating for sustainability. USGBC also created and oversees the LEED Certification program for buildings that meet sustainability standards.

I’m proud that Paladino and Company invented the LEED Reference Guide, directed the LEED Pilot Program and initiated the LEED Workshop series. We’ve also LEED certified 350 projects and provided technical review of more than 700 LEED applications.

Paladino is now writing LEED v.4 that will be launched at Greenbuild 2013.

Paladino’s People

Abundance is built into Paladino’s DNA. We’re committed to sustainability and creating a world of abundance and enduring value. This includes nurturing an environment of abundance in our own workplace.

We encourage our staff to grow to their maximum potential so they believe in their hearts that Paladino is a great place to work. It’s good for them and for our clients because the result is superior service and innovative solutions. This is truly our guiding principle.

We foster a collaborative culture where people recognize and appreciate each other’s core values. Assembling a team to work on a thorny client problem works best with a diverse group of individuals who contribute ideas that spring from their values and experiences.

We’re extremely fortunate to advise some of the best known and most highly respected organizations on the planet and are very grateful for their business.

A Forum for Discussion

In this space we’ll be posting articles about sustainability and green buildings written by our staff and guest authors. We want it to become a forum for discussion of industry issues, new techniques and trends in sustainability. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, just fill in the subscription field and you’ll automatically receive our posts.

Your comments are encouraged and welcomed. Let us know how we’re doing and what’s on your mind. What topics would you like to see addressed in future posts? Please leave us a note in the comment box below.

Thank you.

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