Hanna VanOverschelde

Companies consistently rated economic ROI as an important concern when considering whether to continue investing in sustainability initiatives, according to a survey conducted by Paladino among business leaders in 2012.

Sustainability Makes Good Business Sense

The statement “sustainability is just good business practice” ranked highly among respondents from a broad range of senior managers in the building design and construction, sustainability, and facilities and operations industries.

But respondents also gave a high ranking to the statement, “it is important to measure the results of my investment in green buildings and sustainability.”

Future Sustainability Strategies

In planning for future sustainability strategies, respondents reported the most likely activities pursued would be 1) corporate communications and reporting for sustainability/carbon 2) executive sustainability training 3) sustainable portfolio strategy planning for existing buildings and 4) sustainable real estate strategy planning.

The study also confirms our own observation that owners/occupiers and property managers are taking a more holistic approach to sustainability with corporate level planning and portfolio strategies rather than one-off LEED or green building projects.

Building the Business Case

The study provides compelling evidence that leaders need to build the business case – with performance metrics built in — before launching a sustainability initiative. This validation will help sell shareholders, investors and customers on sustainability and inform future projects. Please click here to receive a copy of the complete Paladino 2012 Business Survey Results report.

Hanna VanOverschelde is a Green Building Consultant, PE, LEED® AP ID+C, and Kelley Manuel is a Sustainability Analyst with Paladino and Company.

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