As climate science gains widespread understanding and acceptance, real estate developers and owners are increasingly basing investment decisions on climate change futures.

Climate change isn’t limited to coastal regions prone to flooding; this white paper covers a spectrum of potential concerns, including flooding, hurricanes, power outages, extreme temperatures, shelter in place, and fires. It provides recommendations for new and existing buildings in simple terms.

The first duty for REITs and developers is to their shareholders and tenants, and the regions with the highest risk for extreme weather are often the most desirable – particularly waterfront cities. To counter the risk from extreme climate events, developers have two choices – move to higher, more temperate ground; or build for climate resilience.

And architects are increasingly expected to design with climate in mind. With the escalation in climate events and unforeseen weather patterns, architects need to design for tomorrow’s climate – not yesterday’s.

Paladino’s team of architects, building scientists, and engineers have collaborated to produce a white paper exploring building design techniques that can fortify real estate against climate events, improving resilience, sustainability, and financial stability of real estate investments.

Whether you are an architect, developer, or real estate owner, this white paper will give you quick insight into best practices to prepare building investments for climate change.

Download the white paper here.



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