Paladino is adding staff to our consultant teams in Seattle and DC. When we hire, we look for the right fit of technical skill, interpersonal skill, and innate leadership potential. Might you want to join our growing team? Read on if this might be of interest to you.

There are very few companies like Paladino and Company. Our boutique consultancy has built a strong reputation by working on some of the highest-profile real estate projects in the world, and we work on several projects simultaneously delivering sustainable solutions to hospitality, multifamily, higher education, government, and commercial real estate projects coast-to-coast.

We have a well-rounded team including designers, engineering types, creative types, numbers crunchers, and writers. What connects us all is our commitment to leadership, learning, and the excellent delivery of sustainability strategies.

We asked members of the Paladino team to share what they have learned since joining this one-of-a-kind firm. Some have been here for weeks, others have been here for decades. Curious to know if you would fit in at Paladino? Here’s some insight into Paladino through the eyes of our current team.

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Anya Fiechtl, Senior Consultant

Joined Paladino: 2019

In my first week, I’ve learned that Paladino and Company is a well-oiled machine with an all-hands-on-deck attitude. Everyone here is talented, knowledgeable, passionate, and curious about sustainable design, AND they’re so kind, personable, and approachable. We do awesome work because we love what we do, and we’re positioned to make the world a better place. Really, we get to do that every day!

Paroma Chakravarty, Associate Consultant

Joined Paladino: 2019

Since joining Paladino:

  • I’ve learned that giving shout-outs feels even better than getting shout-outs. Showing gratitude is a quick way to relieve stress!
  • Most of us really enjoy being outside. This is evident when people trade weekend hiking stories on Monday mornings and when we gather at the window to watch a thunderstorm roll in.
  • We like food. We really, really like food.
  • There is always something to learn from someone here. Random tangents during conversations are prime times to learn about a different green building system or a new climate movement.
  • People like to help! All you have to do is ask.

Dan McColley, Intern

Joined Paladino: 2019

While only working at Paladino for about two months now, I have been impressed with Paladino’s dedication to thinking ‘outside the box’ through abundance thinking. Paladino has shown me that sustainability shouldn’t limit capabilities or options, but rather expand them pragmatically. The attention to detail and enthusiasm towards sustainability at Paladino was something that I noticed from my first day, as well with their attention to promoting a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere with clients and colleagues.

Wendy Walters, Marketing Specialist

Joined Paladino: 2017

Paladino gave me the opportunity to explore my interest in sustainability and turn that spark into the ability to make the business case for sustainability. I have learned about the importance of authenticity, accountability, audience, and audacity. Our company culture transcends our internal cog, client relationships, and approaches to other personal relationships. It’s a wonderful thing to see this group recognize strengths in each other and turn that energy into innovative project approaches.

Amanda Cunningham, Sr. Project Manager

Joined Paladino: 2016

I understand how to use a rating system to get a result in new ways since joining Paladino.

The biggest thing I have learned since working here is that I have more flexibility to apply specific LEED credit language to a large variety of projects than I previously realized. By working on office, multifamily, retail, hotels, a hospital, a bank, a college university center and dorm, mixed use, and even a baseball stadium, I’ve learned that it is important to think creatively about each credit to best take advantage of unique building types.

Meagann Siddick, Accounting Manager

Joined Paladino: 2016

What I have learned at Paladino has impacted daily lifestyle changes and given me a completely new way of thinking. Prior to coming to Paladino, I had no idea the range of what sustainability encompassed. Now I find myself looking at things and wondering how they could be improved by sustainability. I have also learned to value a great team. At Paladino, you can tell that people truly care about, respect, and value each team member and I feel that is reflected in our culture and daily interactions with one another. The last major thing I have learned is that a happy team makes a productive team. Knowing that your team has your back makes everyone want to work harder for each other, in turn making the whole company more efficient.

Deborah Hanamura, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing

Joined Paladino: 2015

I learn something new every day – sometimes about architecture and engineering; sometimes about business strategies; sometimes about myself and how to grow as a leader. There are a few things that I’ve picked up that have completely changed how I approach sustainability:

  • The business case for sustainability is critical to the conversation. If there’s no business case, there’s no innovation.
  • The sustainable solution needs to be better than the unsustainable solution.
  • Being curious is better than being right.
  • The simplest solution might be the best one.
  • A small group of smart and hard-working people can have a massive impact. They might help to design the greenest high-rise in the world. They might change the way sustainability is understood around the world. They might stop climate change.

Nash Emrich, Senior Consultant

Joined Paladino: 2014

My favorite part about working at Paladino is the people. I’m fortunate to have worked in both the Seattle and DC offices with several cohorts across generations. I’m inspired daily and have learned that this is a futile business unless you have an army of green warriors fighting along with you.

I’ve learned that the relationship between real estate and sustainability is dynamic. When I started at Paladino, “green building” was the term, LEED was growing rapidly, and Living Building Challenge was a moonshot. Now environmental stewardship, human health and wellbeing, and climate resiliency are simultaneously emerging as priorities that must be considered by existing building infrastructure and new development.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is how to help clients by connecting sustainability innovation to their business. Many developers and architects care about the environment, but the industry’s risk aversion can make it dicey for them to innovate. Our clients need our approach to leverage sustainability to realize success on their terms.

The Integrated Design Process is easy to talk about and hard to do. Working at Paladino has taught me how to run an Integrated Design Process properly. Sometimes our best strategy is to become the through-line that connects the dots between disparate groups on a project.

Perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned that my personal passion for sustainability boils down to connecting the built environment to the natural world. Nature has shown us how to live sustainably and it’s my goal to apply those principles to our buildings and communities.

Divya Natarajan, Sr. Sustainability Consultant

Joined Paladino: 2014

Since joining Paladino I have learned to approach problem-solving in a more holistic manner by placing myself in the shoes of the stakeholders whom the decision will affect. By thinking about how to optimize the impact and present the information in a way that makes decision making easy, complex problems get broken down to bite-size issues that can be progressed. I’ve grown from being a technical expert in green buildings to a consultant who can help use sustainability as a business strategy.

Hanna Swaintek, Senior Manager

Joined Paladino: 2012

In 7+ years here, I’ve advanced my subject matter expertise in sustainability, refined my technical writing ability, and learned so much more about how I want to show up every day.

I’ve learned that sustainability is more than recycling and energy efficiency…it’s about creating business value and engaging in practices that will ensure organizational success.

I’ve learned methods to problem solving and storytelling that I use every day – whether it’s on a project or in my personal life. I’ve learned that most often slowing down and taking a step back will actually allow you to speed up and be more intentional and effective.

I’ve learned that you can actually look forward to coming to work! You can enjoy your colleagues, what you work on every day, and your clients all at the same time. I’ve learned that you can work with people who both are appreciative and impressed by all that you already are *and* challenge you to grow more.

Brad Pease, Vice President of Technical Services

Joined Paladino: 2003

Working for Paladino 15 plus years has taught me a few key career lessons that I implement each and every day:

  • Never stop learning: There is something new to learn from every interaction that I have with my co-workers and clients, and it’s up to me to find it.
  • Leaders are needed to drive change: My co-workers and clients have taught me that data alone will not convince others to implement sustainability; however, they have allowed me to hone my leadership skills that are necessary to lead them to outcomes that they had not yet imagined.
  • Values drive decision making: Core values rarely change, which is why it’s hard to convince someone that they should care about sustainability; to go faster and make a bigger impact, I’ve learned to spend my time demonstrating the value of sustainability through the core values that they already have.

Paul Paladino, CFO

Joined Paladino: 2000

I’ve learned that while technical skills are really important, our most successful hires, who may come from any background, in any capacity, and for any role all have these common traits:

  • A genuinely positive outlook; an authentic abundance thinker
  • Serious about making a change in the world but doesn’t take themselves too seriously, can laugh out loud and often at themselves
  • A passion for helping others around them succeed

Tom Paladino, CEO

Founded Paladino: 1994

Working in our field of sustainability consulting is an opportunity for growth in two ways:

  • I am exposed regularly to new subject matter in energy intensity, carbon accounting, health and wellness, resiliency.
  • I experience personal growth as a leader and agent of change. The real estate industry likes predictability, but climate action requires a new direction. Every day is a challenge to my expertise, moral conviction, emotional intelligence, and personal resilience.

That’s why we grow our people to grow the business. When the business grows, our ability to create climate action increases. That’s abundance!

Would you fit in at Paladino? What will you have to say after your first week, month, or a decade at Paladino?

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