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We link existing real estate operations with company values, bringing the brand story and promise to life through each company’s sustainable built environments.

Your buildings tell your story

Investors, customers, and employees don’t respond to processes and numbers – they respond to stories. That’s why we build a strong corporate sustainability story that is linked to your company’s brand promise before launching major change initiatives in the real estate division. Then we use the story to align property design and operations to the goals of the company.

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Change Management

Corporate real estate operations is subject to many masters: finance, brand, manufacturing, HR, and retail divisions each provide input into the design and operations of real property. We work with leadership to ensure that these stakeholders are consistently aligned to the brand intention for sustainability. We align teams through change management programs, and engage influencers throughout the organization to activate Green Teams that can bring sustainability to life within the organization.

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Corporate Reporting

Investors, customers, and employees all want proof that the company is socially responsible and has a plan to stay that way. We provide ESG reporting services, ensuring that the company vision is aligned to its reporting strategy. And we can manage each aspect of the sustainability reporting effort, including assessment and analysis, reporting and documentation, submission, and strategy refinement for reporting platforms such as CDP and GRI.

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