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Organizations in the public sector can meet the climate challenge through exemplary sustainable and resilient building performance. Bring the power of sustainability to life through the built environment.

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The public sector must create buildings that are healthy, impactful community assets. Hospitals, universities, and local, state, and federal facilities must incorporate sustainable building principals and programs to meet fiscal responsibilities.

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Better use of funds through optimized performance

Sustainable publicly-funded buildings save tax-payer dollars through reduced operating costs; improve environmental impact; create quality workplaces; and address the demand for local green products and services. Energy audits, building commissioning, and retro-commissioning safeguard investments and budgets.

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Achieve Sustainability Goals

With a deep understanding of the unique aspects of government and public work, including large stakeholder groups, cost sensitivity, and the desire to demonstrate sustainability values, Paladino will set reachable sustainability goals that are aligned to established climate action plans and commitments. We work with clients to develop sustainability and climate action plans and implement green building programs that meet or exceed established local or federal mandates.

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