“The Camden Yards EB O+M certification was a complex and unique project with two very different buildings on our sports complex. There isn’t much precedent for an EB O+M sports stadium. Paladino, under the leadership of Amanda Cunningham, managed these complexities and multiple stakeholders, subcontractors, and vendors with superb organization and confidence. We achieved a higher level of certification than we originally set out to do.”

The Maryland Stadium Authority needed to achieve ambitious energy reduction and sustainability goals for this 1.4M sf stadium and the Warehouse to align with Maryland state goals around sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction. The MSA also acknowledged that after the NFL stadium that is home to the Baltimore Ravens achieved LEED EB O+M that is was time for the home of the Orioles to do the same.

Sustainability has become a larger focus for the sports industry at-large and a facility LEED-EB O+M certification verifies the MSA commitment to the community and the industry. The full scope goes beyond the famous ballpark to include the historic Warehouse at Camden Yards and Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Maryland Stadium Authority used sustainable strategies to improve building performance, reduce operational costs associated with building performance, reduce environmental impact, and create healthier and more productive employee workspaces.

Paladino has been engaged as a partner, advisor, and auditor; providing comprehensive services and guidance in pursuit of this goal. Paladino has conducted audits to examine the financial, social, and community benefits of sustainability to determine the best ways to improve the experience of the fans, community, occupants, and athletes who use the facilities.   To date Paladino has developed sustainable policies for the Warehouse and Oriole Park at Camden Yards and helped create programs to: increase recycling single-stream efforts; reduce energy consumption through retrofits; and improve sustainable materials purchased for remodels.

Applying the LEED standard, which is the most respected sustainability standard in the world – to stadiums requires creativity and a close collaboration with USGBC and GBCI.

The iconic project was set up for success. Even before this effort began, the ballpark and Warehouse used energy efficiently, and the proximity to public transportation helped to improve its rating. The Maryland Stadium Authority demonstrated leadership and commitment to sustainability goals by pushing beyond standard best practice to achieve this Gold certification. There was not one single change that put Camden Yards into this leadership position – the multi-year effort encompassed a variety of strategies, working together to improve performance across many dimensions. Strategies include:

  • Comprehensive submetering to track and manage utility consumption
  • Significant infrastructure investment and analysis to optimize energy consumption
  • Updates to policies and procedures to ensure maintenance, on-site landscaping, and landscaping waste were improved
  • Updating fixtures with LED lights
  • Updating water fixtures with aerators to reduce water waste
  • Retrofitting with waterless urinals
  • Enhanced documentation processes for continual improvement
  • Integrated pest management
  • Food pantry donations
  • Waste diversion
  • Sustainable alterations

Oriole Park and the accompanying B&O Warehouse, which was awarded with LEED Silver, demonstrate year-round sustainable activities and practices including waste management, recycling, paperless tickets, and reduced energy usage and electrical consumption.

On March 23, 2018 the Orioles baseball stadium was awarded LEED: Building Operations + Maintenance Gold certification, and on March 28, 2018 the B&O warehouse was awarded LEED: Building Operations + Maintenance Silver certification. This is a significant achievement that the entire Camden Yards Sports Complex team can be proud of. The project is classified as a LEED Master Site or LEED Campus, which includes certification of multiple buildings.