Forest City Enterprises Sustainable Development Standards

Forest City Enterprises is a nationwide real estate developer and manager that develops apartment, office and retail buildings. The objective of this project was to establish a set of guidelines and a supporting toolkit that would guide project managers in the integration of sustainable design strategies in alignment with Forest City’s development process and aggregate goals for portfolio performance.


Given Forest City has multiple offices across the country and three business units, the largest challenge facing the team was creating a framework that could be implemented across the organization regardless of business unit or building type. Paladino started by reviewing existing sustainability strategies and completing a comprehensive survey of stakeholders to discover industry trends and growth potential. Once a framework was developed, task forces from multiple offices within the company were created to review it and provide feedback. Paladino then identified specific sustainability strategies to be implemented across the board and created tools and green specifications to deploy these strategies.


The outcome of this process is a comprehensive sustainability framework that is in the process of being deployed across all of Forest City’s development divisions, bringing a cohesive platform from which the company can expand its sustainable development program.