Quadrangle Development Company sought LEED-EBOM certification to meet the requirements of its primary tenant, the General Services Administration (GSA). As a function of that goal, Paladino provided a complete suite of services resulting in a successful LEED-EB rating that also provides the client and tenants with lower annual energy bills.


Paladino applied its rigorous, technical, and ordered LEED-EB facilitation process that has been developed and refined since the very first version of LEED-EB emerged in the market place. Using this approach, Paladino supported and interacted with the building management, vendors, facilities, and engineering staffs to execute and document all required operational changes and improvements to achieve the stated goals.

In addition to the LEED-EB certification of the building, efforts around energy and commissioning requirements included historical energy use analysis using the EPA ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool; energy audits; energy use predictive modeling; HVAC operation and sequence analysis; energy measurement and verification system analysis planning and system recommendations; and energy efficiency optimization retrofit program development, including cost and savings estimates.


Using the data collected during the energy audit and analysis process, Paladino developed recommendations for both a low-cost energy optimization strategy and a capital improvement plan to improve building system performance that is under consideration while Paladino supports Quadrangle to implement the low-cost options. The project achieved a LEED-EB Gold certification.