Paladino was selected by a national retailer that operates more than 150 retail locations and multiple distribution centers in the United States to develop a vision for a carbon-neutral distribution center prototype.

With their next facility, the client had already set precedent for industry-leading sustainability strategies in the supply chain and fulfillment center design and operations, such as Net Zero Energy. The client wanted to build upon that precedent to push achievements further.

Paladino was selected because of the firm’s references, extensive experience in sustainability strategies and workshops, and because of the firm’s project experience working on highly sustainable industrial facilities.

To deliver the work, Paladino and Company consultants first conducted a market and competitive scan to educate the client team on innovations adjacent to their business. Paladino consultants also reviewed proposed design and documentation and conducted a regional ecosystem & community scan.

Next, the team facilitated a two-day charette, with an agenda including context presentations, interactive exercises, and group discussions to explore the impact of sustainability at multiple project scales; identify supporting design strategies and technologies; and defining tangible project outcomes and performance indicators. These discussions included explorations of the project’s embodied carbon in pursuit of net-zero carbon, such as responsible sourcing, material re-use, and local materials procurement.

Finally, Paladino delivered a Sustainability Brief, which documents: the sustainability vision; strategy pillars, and associated project success criteria; an execution roadmap; and a recommended certification strategy.

Thanks to the guidance provided by the Paladino consulting team, the client has established a new bar for sustainable design and operations for their next operations facility.