The Spokane Public Facilities District (SPFD) operates a campus of three public assembly buildings that generate revenue from conventions, conferences, arts performances, concerts, family shows, sports and other events. These include the 100,000 SF LEED Silver certified convention center exhibit hall that opened in 2006, a recently renovated existing 165,000 SF convention center, a 100,000 SF performing arts center and a 220,000 SF sports arena. In order to develop and maintain continued market differentiation of the Spokane convention facilities against other green, and similarly sized options, the District engaged Paladino to assist it in pursuing LEED ratings for all existing buildings on the Convention Center campus.


The owner’s stated project goals were:

  • Establish green operations policies and practices – such as waste management – that will allow the District to appropriately position the center as green for the purposes of attracting conferences and gatherings
  • Achieve operational efficiencies and utility cost savings from water and energy
  • Minimize campus down-time by steering LEED certification strategies towards credits requiring little to no retrofit construction

The first phase of the program included determining compliance needs for both the convention center and performing arts centers for a LEED-EBOM Certified rating. In support of that objective, Paladino performed an initial site audit and building walkthrough to evaluate building and system condition and assess its performance against LEED-EBOM requirements, including pre-requisites. The two major challenges in determining whether the buildings were LEED certifiable included energy efficiency and outside air prerequisite requirements. Without achieving these two required credits, the project would not achieve a LEED-EBOM rating, so solving for these challenges was critical.

Once compliance with the LEED pre-requisites was determined, Paladino helped SPFD determine the targeted credits and provided research, technical support, and guidance to revise operating procedures, purchasing and waste management processes, additional upgrades to HVAC and controls, and water management to meet the LEED-EBOM standards.


Both the convention center and the performing arts hall were awarded LEED Silver EBOM ratings in 2010.

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