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We help architects, developers, owners, property managers, corporations, and the public sector to use sustainability and green building as a business tool. Through our sustainability consulting and commissioning services, we help clients to improve the design and operations of their real estate to minimize costs, maximize profitability, and enhance occupant satisfaction.

We offer a comprehensive list of consulting services, meeting the needs of Architects, Developers, Corporations, and the Public Sector

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Sustainability Strategy

Resilient design

Human performance and wellness

Certification strategy

Market differentiation

Pursuit team support

Climate action planning

Workshops and charettes

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Biophilic design strategy

Sustainability program development


Specification integration

Enhanced commissioning


Sustainable design assistance

Energy and water modeling

Daylight modeling

Materials research

Value analysis

Sustainability integration


2030 Challenge

Sustainability program development

Certification Management

New construction certification (LEED, Living Building Challenge, Net Zero Energy, Net Zero Carbon, SITES, Salmon Safe)

Resilience certifications (RELi)

Wellness certifications (WELL, Fitwel)

COVID-readiness frameworks


Rating systems and frameworks education

Process management

Certification management

Meet the Team

We are an eclectic group of high performers. We know building development and design and operations, because that’s where we came from. We are determined to make a difference and we like that its hard to do that. We’re a team and we have each other’s back, just like we have our client’s back. We do what we say we will do. We celebrate our moments of brilliance, and sometimes we just get the work done. We enjoy that variety – diversity makes everything stronger, always.

Meet the Team