Clarity - Real-time performance improvement

Clarity: Instantaneous insights and faster, smarter decisions

Clarity combines Paladino’s technology and analysis services with hardware to provide real-time insights to optimize building operations. This solution provides a data analyst and systems expert in the cloud, pulling together all operational data, elevating your team and building performance by automatically identifying areas to improve.

A Paladino consultant will connect a wallet-sized device to your existing HVAC and lighting controls infrastructure, meter, and weather data across your portfolio to continuously benchmark and commission your buildings. The result is automated reporting and alerts. Our experts will clearly explain what to address, who should address it, and in what order, based on payback potential.

Never wait to learn how your facilities are performing

Never again pay to set up a trend log, or for expensive integration and custom solutions.

  • Reduce diagnostic time
  • Reduce emergency services
  • Reduce building energy drift
  • Optimize labor
  • Fast low-touch setup
  • Continual improvement
  • Fast, accurate, focused savings
  • Smart spending
  • Satisfy occupants

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