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Why budget for energy audits?

Extend the life of your equipment and reduce CapEx costs.

Instead of merely following a templated equipment replacement plan and spending six figures on new mechanical equipment, spend a fraction of that on an energy audit to find out whether you can prolong the life of your equipment. An energy audit can also uncover the low to no-cost strategies you can implement to boost your building’s energy performance today.

Discover the best order of fixes to get the highest ROI.

Equipment replacement schedules are largely set by warranties, industry best practices, or vendor recommendation – none of which accurately predict the life of your equipment. We can bring data-based accuracy to your equipment upgrade and replacement schedules, which can result in big savings. An energy audit makes it possible to link building investments to their actual return.

Avoid regulatory fines.

Some energy-related regulatory reporting that used to be optional is now required. An energy audit can help you get in front of regulatory requirements and avoid fines, while improving your building’s energy performance.

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