Outcomes through insights

Instantaneous insights and faster, smarter decisions

Upshot(tm) is a service offered by Paladino that provides architects, developers, corporations, and the public sector insight into the best sustainability solutions for a project through an integrated and project-specific value engineering tool. These insights fuel smart, actionable decisions for sustainability integration into a project – on budget, aligned to values, and with a return on investment.

How does it work?

Paladino’s industry-leading team of analysts uses our proprietary data mining dashboard to play with different combinations of design/build solutions in real-time. Paladino captures and shares project-specific data, offering the ability to evaluate the impact of decisions on project goals that span across multiple criteria.

Fully customized services. Transparent solutions.

By integrating tangible and intangible benefit streams together onto one dashboard, owners can make informed decisions that keep projects moving forward.


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