Meet Julia Raish

With a background in sustainable building design and implementation, master planning and site analysis, Julia brings a holistic understanding of sustainability and green building strategies to provide both technical and strategic support to her clients’ projects. Julia works with a range of clients who are constructing multiple buildings at once to optimize the performance of the entire portfolio.

With the Ecosystem Design Group at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX, Julia supported integrated design teams providing sustainable design and planning services on high-impact projects for public and private clients. Much of her consulting work reflected the best practices set forth by the Sustainable Sites Initiative™.

Julia also has extensive experience in research, analysis and writing to support the development of technical reports, feasibility studies and site survey reports. An experienced speaker and facilitator, Julia has presented on low impact development, water conservation, and landscape ecology at local, state and national conferences. In addition, she uses her experience teaching and designing curriculum for a variety of learning levels to create and deliver green building training and education materials for her client project teams.

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