Meet Pia Engel

Pia has a background in corporate sustainability for global and domestic organizations, helping to improve social and environmental impact.

At Paladino, Pia serves as an expert in LEED standards and assessments and focuses on LEED documentation management, review and support as well as construction administration and building design. She applies her experience and skill to rigorous technical research, proactive project management and client development.

Pia has worked across the various dimensions of corporate sustainability. She has developed feasibility studies for comprehensive sustainability upgrades, assessed LEED projects, recalibrated sustainability strategy, and worked on action plans for carbon neutrality goals. Pia has a breadth of analytical skills, ranging from assessing geopolitical and sustainability (ESG) risks, as well as evaluating comprehensive analytical tools with hundreds of data points. Additionally, she has experience in implementing change throughout an organization to execute sustainable and responsible business practices, which she applies to client programs.

Pia is fluent in German, her native language, and proficient in French.